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What we're About


O'Douds is an inclusive cosmetic and self-care brand that's dedicated to a simple, sensible and sustainable approach to hair and skin care. Our formulations nourish the skin and hair with botanicals, plant extracts, oils, waxes, and clays that are sustainably sourced from the earth, using responsible practices and packaging materials that are good for the

  • Sustainably Sourced: Our ingredients are thoughtfully chosen to not only reduce our environmental impact but encourage regenerative growth for our planet. Our packaging is focused on materials that are easily recycled with components that more easily decompose and return to the earth such as glass or metal.
    • Built by Plants: From the ground up, our products are built using plant-based ingredients. We don’t simply toss in some plant extracts at the end for marketing, you’ll find natural ingredients from the first word on the ingredients list to the last. 
    • Vegan & Cruelty Free: Putting animal biproducts on your skin and hair is gross and testing products on animals is just cruel. 
    • Sensible Humans: Simple and sensible products that work for your average human at their average home. Our products are simple to understand, easy to use, and formulated for real humans of all types and differences.
    • Quality without Compromise: We don’t think you need to compromise product performance and quality to use natural and sustainable ingredients. Our products work better than anyone else’s, natural or not, just try for yourself!
    • “You know you”: You know you better than anyone else. Before you listen to someone else, be it us or some YouTube celebrity, remember your own lived experiences. You can touch, see, and feel how your hair and skin reacts to different products - don’t ignore that! Finding yourself is a journey, make sure you're the leader.

    Ultimately, we believe that our values should promote our products, and our products should promote our values. If you ever experience the contrary, let us know. We'll hear you out. 

    No matter how we choose to define or describe ourselves, all human beings share one thing in common. We come from and care for the same place — the Earth.  We believe that what we share in common is just as important as what makes us distinct. Don’t get us wrong. We vibe on anything that celebrates different people and culture. We celebrate individuality and expression in all forms. Yet we thrive on what connects the human experience. We champion the cause of building community and breaking down barriers. This is why we’ve worked hard to formulate and curate an inclusive line of natural products that work for all types of people.

    We believe it's time to stop promoting the worn-out stigmas that have divided people over time and to begin celebrating our humanity and caring for our our hair and skin through a more sensible and sustainable approach.  

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