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O'Douds is an inclusive cosmetic and self-care brand that's dedicated to a simple, sensible and sustainable approach to hair and skin care. Our formulations nourish the skin and hair with botanicals, plant extracts, oils, waxes, and clays that are sustainably sourced from the earth, using responsible practices and packaging materials that are good for the earth.

O'Douds began when industry outsider, Clayton Douds, started searching for clean, effective, and well-sourced grooming products. Unhappy with what they could find on the market at the time, Clayton decided to utilize their knack for alchemy and take matters into their own hands by formulating and selling small batches of hair products. O'Douds has since become a rapidly growing global brand that's on a mission to help make sensible and sustainable grooming the new normal for the industry.

What a company values shows up in places that people often forget to look, like the ingredients label or the manufacturing location. When it comes to what we stand for, we've got nothing to hide. As a matter of fact, we love talking about the way we do business:

These are a few of the convictions that shape our brand. They give form and function to how we create and present our products. We believe that: 

  • YOU CAN HAVE QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: You don't have to choose between whether or not something is good for you, or good for the Earth. We're committed to making sure that our products are not only effective, but beneficial. 
  • INNOVATION IS BETTER THAN PERFECTION: We'll never settle for "good enough." Nor will we strive for absolute perfection, especially if it comes at the cost of trying to innovate and improve our products or practices. 
  • HUMANITY MATTERS MORE THAN ECONOMY: People shouldn't be exploited. We care deeply about the way humans are treated. From the workers that harvest the ingredients we use, to the stockists that carry our products, we will always give a damn about how people are treated. Money comes and goes. Good relationships last a lifetime. 
  • RESPONSIBILITY BEGINS WITH US: Hopefully you'll never see us abdicating responsibility or avoiding accountability. Our guiding principle is responsible growth. Though growth can often tempt compromise, O’Douds is committed to using the resources that come with growth to further improve the quality of our products, ingredients, and sourcing.
  • INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY SHOULD BE THE EMBRACED: We don't want to take part in anything that further divides people from one another. To that end, we're working hard to build a brand that embraces and champions what binds us to one another. 
  • SURPLUS IS MEANT TO BE SHARED: There's enough resource hoarding in the world. We don't want to contribute to the trend of companies that create pyramid structures of wealth and power at the top. Thus, we are always looking for ways to share the surplus we receive. Whether that be through donating to non-profits, or making sure our employees are compensated generously and fairly, we believe that generosity liberates and greed corrupts.

Ultimately, we believe that our values should promote our products, and our products should promote our values. If you ever experience the contrary, let us know. We'll hear you out. 

No matter how we choose to define or describe ourselves, all human beings share one thing in common. We come from and care for the same place — the Earth.  We believe that what we share in common is just as important as what makes us distinct. Don’t get us wrong. We vibe on anything that celebrates different people and culture. We celebrate individuality and expression in all forms. Yet we thrive on what connects the human experience. We champion the cause of building community and breaking down barriers. This is why we’ve worked hard to formulate and curate an inclusive line of natural products that work for all types of people.

We want to elevate consciousness and raise awareness about the ways humans have been exploited and the Earth has been plundered in an attempt to market and sell what “beauty” is.  Our humanity is our beauty and the Earth is our home. 

For decades, the cosmetic industry has made a fortune by creating products that are marketed towards different “types” of people, often categorized by gender or ethnicity. Thankfully, that’s changing. People are waking up to the reality that our preferences don’t have to fit within categories. We are free to choose whatever products work for our hair and skin. It doesn’t matter what color the label is, or what department it’s sold in at the market. If we like it, we like it. We shouldn’t be prompted to second guess our decision to buy it because of a cliche approach to marketing.

We believe it's time to stop promoting the worn-out stigmas that have divided people over time and to begin celebrating our humanity and caring for our our hair and skin through a more sensible and sustainable approach.  
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