Q: What is Beard Oil for?
A: Beard Oil is for conditioning your face and beard hair. Think of it as a lotion for your skin and a conditioner for your hair rolled into one product. If you struggle with dry, itchy, or flakey skin, the beard oil will take quick care of that. If you struggle with unruly, dry, or coarse beard hair, our beard oil will make it soft and manageable. 


Q: What is Beard Balm for? How is it different from Beard Oil?
A: Beard Balm is very similar to Beard Oil in it’s purpose, but Beard Balm also gives you some light styling properties. If your beard is large, or tends to grow out instead of down, our beard balm will help you lightly style it into place.


Q: What is mushrooming and what do I do about it?
A: Mushrooming is when the wick of the candle gets too large and resembles a mushroom. If this happens to your candle, simply pinch it off before relighting.

Q: What is the best way to use the candle?
A: We recommend burning the candle in increments of 2-4 hours for a couple of reasons. First, it is important that the candle's "burn pool" reaches the edge of the jar during each use. If this does not happen, you may have problems in the future. Second, if you burn your candle for very long periods of time the wax will be consumed at a faster rate.

Q: How long do the candles last?
A: 60+ Hours. However, candles last different lengths of time depending on how you use them. If you use the candle for long periods of time (6+ hours), it will burn more quickly. See the previous question for more info.


Q: How do I apply it?
A: Simply scoop out a very small amount and apply to your desired location. We recommend your neck, chest, behind the ears, or any other pulse point.


Q: Will this last all day?
A: Yes. However, if you are switching from an anti-perspirant or a big name deodorant your body may need time to adjust. This is not true of everyone, but it is definitely possible. Anti-perspirants are used to block or clog your pores so that you don’t sweat. When this happens on a daily basis your body will react by producing more sweat in an effort to break through the clogs. After switching to a natural deodorant your body will maintain this process, so in the first few days or weeks of use you may experience excess sweating. Don’t be discouraged though, after a while your body will re-adjust and you should be back to normal in no time!

Q: I’m allergic to some Deodorants, how will this affect me?
A: Please consult a physician if you are concerned about an allergic reaction. Everyone has different skin that reacts to specific ingredients in different ways. Our Deodorant is made from all natural ingredients that generally work great on sensitive skin types.



Q: What type of hair product should I get?
A: We've formulated our products so that every product can function on virtually any hair type. We encourage you to choose based on which characteristics you find most appealing, and we'll give you some tips below on how to use them. Refer to the chart above to see the different uses and benefits of each product. 

Q: How should I apply the pomade?
A: The most important thing is that you distribute the pomade evenly through your hair, making sure to apply from all directions to get closer to the roots. Start with a small scoop and add more as you need it. For more hold, do not completely wash out the product from day to day.



Q: How does the shampoo work for sensitive scalps?
A: Our shampoo was designed with sensitive skin in mind. We crafted a potent formula using the most moisturizing and mild ingredients around. We’ve heard from countless people who have spent weeks, months, or even years searching for a shampoo prior to purchasing ours. 

Q: How often should I shampoo?
A: This is dependent on your hair and skin types as well as what hair products you are using. We recommend shampooing between 2-5 times a week. If you are in the habit of shampooing every day, try taking a day off every now and then. It will take some time to train your scalp to produce less oils, but after a while you’ll have healthier hair, we guarantee it.

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