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Mistakes to Avoid When Growing a Beard

Mistakes to Avoid When Growing a Beard

While there are still many environments that require your face to be clean shaven, most social and professional situations are now more amenable than ever towards self-expression via beard. However, rather than abusing this generational liberty, we endorse sensible grooming and beard growing. If you’d prefer to grow a beard that will further establish your personal appearance and commitment to self-care, consider these four mistakes to avoid in the process. 

1. Neglecting the Sideburns

Your sideburns are a key contributor to the shape and contour of your beard. A helpful way to think about them is that they are the channel from your head to your cheeks. If we can take some cues from aquatic science to extend this analogy, your head of hair is the source, channeling down into your sideburns, and then, hopefully, into a beautiful ocean of face fuzz. A channel or river is never more imposing than the ocean. Mutton chops might have worked for James Bowie, but the world might not be ready for that look today.

Instead, we suggest routine trimming of your sideburns down at least a quarter inch from the length of your beard. This will give your beard far more definition and give people an idea of the delineation between your head and your face. Don’t forget to trim just below your earlobe where beards tend to make a funny arrow towards the back of your head.

2. Getting Too Experimental

We get it. You’ve gotten pretty handy with the trimmers over the years and want to maximize your artistic potential. But sensible grooming often requires practicing restraint. It’s often best to remember and/or rethink your goals in growing a beard. You want it to bring out your best features? Leave the chinstrap to Tony Stark. That goatee probably looks good on your silver fox grandfather, but you’re probably best served just keeping it simple.

There is a time and place for “playing” around with facial hair to discover a look that you really like. But that time is not during the growing process. Experimentation should really occur when you’ve decided that you’re going to do away with the beard. Once it comes time to actually shave the entire thing (if you so dare), then you’ve got room to make mistakes, try different things, and shock your significant other with those handlebars you’ve been dying to try.

3. Ignoring The Mouth And Lips

The mouth is generally a problem area that forgetful groomers often fail to address. This can lead to disturbing consequences like getting beard hair in your mouth while talking or getting food stuck in your unkempt nest. A general rule to apply here is to trim just above the upper lip so as to keep both lips visible. Check the corners of your mouth to ensure there are no rogue hairs that want to work their way into your maw.

Keeping your mouth clear of excess hair will further establish your beard as a complement to your face. This makes eating less of a chore, and your partner will thank you when you lean in for a kiss.

4. Overlooking Helpful Products

When you begin to grow a beard, your cheeks, chin, and neck will require similar treatment and attention that your scalp does. If left unchecked, your facial skin will become dry and brittle, and your beard hair will develop an undesirable steel wool feel when touched. In addition to regularly shampooing and conditioning your beard, it’s advisable that you consider other products that will leave your skin and hair feeling and looking healthy.

We suggest giving our all-natural Beard Oil or Beard Balm a shot. Or, you can pick up our discounted Beard Regimen and decide which one you like best while the skin beneath your face cabbage gets the added benefit of being nourished and moisturized without that greasy feeling. 

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