Small Batch: John Wayne

Small Batch: John Wayne

Made in collaboration with John Wayne Enterprises.

 We were humbled to be approached by John Wayne Enterprises to create a limited edition run of products inspired by the ol' Duke himself.  We developed two scents; available as an enamel mug Candle, as well as in our classic Solid Cologne, Clay Pomade, and Multi-Purpose Pomade! 


The full embodiment of a campfire, this fragrance is warm, deep, smoky, and inviting. Deep notes of coffee and chocolate mix with cedar, vetiver, and cypress; topped with lavender and vanilla create the a warmth found fireside.


Western Trail

 Essential oil of Texas grown and harvested Cedar provides a raw, smoky of woodsiness that is incredibly unique. Notes of sage, lavender, carrot, and lime further define this earthen experience.




- Size: 4oz
- Scent: Western Trail
- Shine: Medium / High
- Hold: Firm


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