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Let's Talk Conditioning Cream!

Let's Talk Conditioning Cream!

Ever wondered how to get the most out of your favorite hair product? We got you! 

We are launching a new blog/video series to educate our customers on which O'Douds product will work best in your hair. We want to help you achieve the best results possible. We also hope to eliminate any confusion or intimidation when it comes to making the best choice possible.

So, let's talk Conditioning Cream!

We interviewed our very own creator, founder, and lead alchemist, Clayton Douds, as well as local barber, yoga Instructor, and dope-ass artist, Juan Valentine, to give a bit more insight into one of our styling favorites. 

We will cover a range of our most frequently asked questions. If we miss one, feel free to drop your question in the comment section below!

AMBERE: What's your inspiration as a barber and artist?

JUAN: My inspiration is to live a healthy lifestyle that leaves a positive imprint in my community.

Ambere: What made O'Douds stand out to you? 
Juan: O'Douds stood out because they are a homegrown brand that promotes a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Ambere: What types of hair can you use conditioning cream for?
Juan: You can use the conditioning cream on wavy hair to very curly and textured hair.

Ambere: What type of client do you usually recommend this product for?
Juan: I recommend conditioning cream on the client that wants to display soft textured hair with a light hold and natural scent.

Ambere: Do you prefer  using the conditioning cream on wet or dry hair?
Juan: I prefer to use the conditioning cream on slightly damp hair.

Ambere: How do you apply conditioning cream?
Juan: I usually like to apply conditioning cream on damp hair and combed through with a wide tooth comb.

Ambere: What album do you have on repeat?
Juan: Album on repeat? 🤔 "If it bleeds it can be killed." by Big Ghost Ltd.

Ambere: What's your favorite food?
Juan: Vegetarian Soup 🍵


Take a look at some of our favorite stylists using our Conditioning Cream! 

AMBERE: What type of customer do you usually recommend this product for?

CLAYTON: Anyone that's suffering from dry or frizzy hair, or just needs to lock in moisture. It works especially well for long wavy/curly hair that can get seriously out of control.

Ambere: What types of hair can you use conditioning cream for?
Clayton: The great thing about conditioning cream is that everyones hair needs a leave-in conditioner sometimes, so it has all sorts of uses for anyone who wants to deeply condition their hair. For daily use though, we recommend it for thick, course, curly, textured, and unruly hair types. This product is my daily go-to product to keep my curly hair manageable, as opposed to a frizzy mess that extends a food away from my head in every direction.

Ambere: Do you prefer using the conditioning cream on wet or dry hair?
Clayton: I prefer using it on slightly damp hair before allowing the hair to dry. It works great for air-drying, towel-drying, or even as a sort of heat protectant before blow-drying!

Ambere: How do you apply conditioning cream?
Clayton: Evenly throughout the hair! Make sure you don't just slap it on top-I always recommend working product in through the back so you make sure to coat it all evenly. With conditioning cream the focus is really on your "dry" areas. So if you have a dry scalp-focus on the roots. If you have dry and brittle ends-focus on that.

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Sherry - February 23, 2023

Thank you so much for these segments with the question/answer format and recommendations. The O’Doud’s conditioning cream that I purchased for my teen son is arriving today, and he needed to know how to use it. This was so helpful!
Sherry Wilson

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