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Heavy Hammer Pomade

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Blue Summer Heavy Hold Pomade is a specially formulated water-resistant pomade designed to provide a strong hold for slick, classic styling during the summer months. This pomade offers a unique combination of features that make it ideal for warm weather.

With its water resistance, heavy hold, lightweight texture, neutral shine, and malleable hold, the Blue Summer Heavy Hold Pomade is a reliable choice for achieving classic, slicked-back hairstyles during the summer months.

Hold: Strong
Finish: Neutral 
Scent: Blue Summer
Size: 4 oz / 114g

Features + Benefits

1. Water Resistance: The Blue Summer Heavy Hold Pomade is resistant to water, allowing your hairstyle to stay intact even if you're exposed to humidity, sweat, or light rain.

2. Heavy Hold: This pomade provides a strong hold, ensuring that your desired hairstyle stays in place throughout the day. Whether you prefer a neat, slicked-back look or a more intricate style, this pomade has you covered.

3. Lightweight: Despite its heavy hold, the pomade is lightweight, avoiding any heavy or greasy feeling in your hair. This feature ensures that your hair remains manageable and doesn't weigh down throughout the day.

4. Neutral Shine: The pomade offers a neutral shine, providing a polished appearance without excessive glossiness. It adds a subtle sheen to your hair, enhancing your overall style without making it look overly shiny or greasy.

5. Malleable Hold: The Blue Summer Heavy Hold Pomade offers a malleable hold, meaning you can restyle your hair throughout the day without losing the hold or structure. It allows you to make adjustments or touch-ups as needed without having to reapply the product.


Directions: Scoop out product and lightly spread onto hands. Apply to dry hair for increased volume and grip, or to wet hair for more loose and natural styles. Blow-dry for increased volume.

Tips & TricksApply to completely dry hair for best consistency in hold and shine. Standard Pomade can also be applied to damp hair to lock in moisture and maintain longer lasting shine. Heavy Hammer Pomade can be restyled back into place very easily and is recommended for both modern and classic styles.


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