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Fashion & Hair with Devin McGovern

Fashion & Hair with Devin McGovern

We've recently had the opportunity of getting to know Devin McGovern and working with him to showcase how he uses our products. Devin is a lifestyle and fashion blogger for Outlined Cloth. Devin and his wife Marlene are fashion enthusiasts, photographers, tastemakers, and risk takers. Follow them here.

Hair Styling Demonstration:


How’d you get your start as a fashion blogger?
D: My wife and I have always loved fashion. I got my start after reading an LA Times article about fashion bloggers making six figures. I was like, this is the future of marketing, maybe we should look into this because we both were already buying clothes from brands saw on Instagram. So, we created a new account, established a manifesto, and Outlined Cloth began.

What unique perspective or skillset do you bring to your readers?
D: My wife and I also work in the entertainment industry. So, a unique skillset we bring to our readers is having a storytelling background. So much of standing out in social media is about telling a good story. 

Can you tell me about what's important to you in your grooming routine?
D: Grooming is very important to me, but I am also very minimal when it comes to products. My wife is very sensitive to smells and sensitive to certain products, so I like to keep to the basics - natural shampoo, conditioner and body soap. I stick to natural so they are better for our bodies and our environment. 

Which O’Douds products do you use, and how do you use them?
D: Right now I am using the Standard Pomade and Styling Treatment. I have a hair process in the morning, first step is shower, then before I dry off I rub some O’Douds Pomade in slightly damp hair. I then dry it off with a blow dryer and work through my hair with a brush. Once my hair is dry but not dried out, I apply O’Douds Styling Treatment to my hair, working it in and finessing until I have the desired look.

Any quick fashion tips you could give us?
D: My biggest fashion tip is put in the effort and it will make a difference. I dislike sloppy wardrobes for men or women. What we wear reflects who we are and it communicates where we are going. I know they tell us not to judge a book by its cover, but we do it all the time. So, by what we wear we can control how people will treat us. If you want respect, dress in a way that commands respect.

Last but certainly not least! What album do you have on repeat right now?
D: It’s funny, I have never been much of a music person until I met my wife. She lives and breathes music, so I have started listening more and this past Christmas she bought me a record player. My go to record as of late has been Frank SInatra.

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