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Dynamic Duo Stylers

Dynamic Duos

In the spirit of matchmaking we put together a helpful guide of some of our products that truly are meant for each other. Whether you are looking to add texture, get a hold that lasts all day, or are looking for some nourishment- you are sure to find that magic can often come in pairs!


  1. Looking for a Long Lasting Hold?

Dynamic Duo: Standard Pomade + Styling Treatment

Standard Pomade is a high shine styling pomade used for classic styles such as slick backs and pompadours. Expect a strong, pliable, and slick hold that keeps your hair in place all day and can be easily restyled. Our Styling Treatment offers medium hold styling cream with a neutral shine. For manageable, relaxed, textured, and natural hair styles. Just a dab will give you enough control to keep your hair in place and out of your face, all while deeply conditioning your hair and scalp. Click here for a quick walkthrough of styling together.

 2.  Looking for a bit of Texture?

Dynamic Duo: Matte Paste + Texture Powder

Our Matte Paste offers a strong hold, matte finish styling clay for maximum volume and texture. Our best selling hair product for a reason, this paste adds life and lift to any hair type. For styles ranging from short and choppy, to loose and textured, and even large and voluminous. Our Texture Powder was designed to reduce shine and work with your scalp's natural oils to revitalize hair with workable texture & volume. It can be used as a stand-alone styling product or as a "dry shampoo" to revitalize hair on days you don't shampoo. Adds volume to thin or thinning hair, helping it appear more full.

Dynamic Duo: Texture Spray+ Texture Powder

If you are looking for volume and texture, the proof is in the names! Texture powder has a variety of uses for a wide range of hair types. Not only can it be used as a pre styler to add volume to any look, but many also use as a replacement for Dry Shampoo as it helps absorbs excess oil of Day 2+ hair. Our texture spray is another chameleon styler that can be used as a natural heat protectant and can be used before blow-dry styling.    

3. Want some nourishment?

Dynamic Duo: Conditioning Cream + Hair Oil

O'douds All Natural Vegan Conditioning Cream and Hair Oil

Our Conditioning Cream gives a light-hold, medium-shine cream for adding moisture and controlling frizz on long or coarse hair types. Deeply conditions the hair and scalp throughout the day while providing loose control and a medium non-greasy shine. Acts as a heat protectant and pre-styler before blowdrying.

Dynamo Duo: Pumpkin Seed Oil Shampoo + Conditioner

Our shampoo contains Pumpkin Seed Oil that encourages healthy hair follicles and provides deep nourishment to the hair. This shampoo gently and effectively cleanses and rejuvenates the hair with mild cleansers that are meant to protect your hair, not strip it dry. Due to this- this shampoo may not foam as much as you are used to - which is not a bad thing! Gentle cleansers foam more gently - we don't add excessive foaming agents that damage the hair and scalp. When combined with our Tea Tree and Grapefruit Conditioner, the perfect pairing couldn't get any better! Rich and luxurious oils and butters in this conditioner deeply hydrate the hair and scalp without weighing it down or causing it to feel greasy. It will leave your hair soft, manageable, tangle free, and most importantly, healthy!

*This sale duration timeframe is final. Discount does not apply to sample sizes or subscription orders. Sale applies to these full size items only: Traditional Pomade (all variants), Standard Pomade, Conditioning Cream, Matte Paste, Multi-Purpose Pomade, Dry Wax, Styling Treatment, Hair Oil, Texture Powder, Texture Spray, Pumpkin Seed Oil Shampoo 12 oz, Activated Charcoal Shampoo 12 oz, Conditioner 12 oz

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Mark - February 10, 2023

Like your beard oil – looking for
Beard Butter have any , no wax ?

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