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Read an Update: Product Price Changes

Read an Update: Product Price Changes

Coming Soon! Product Price Adjustment!

It’s that time again! It’s been almost four years since we last adjusted the price of our products. But given the rising cost associated with providing the highest quality and most ethically sourced products we can offer you, increasing prices becomes an inevitable necessity.We get it. Suddenly having to pay more for a product you’ve chosen as a mainstay in your self-care routine isn’t cool. Inflation sucks, and it affects everyone—especially small and independently owned and operated brands like O’Douds. Despite a significant increase in our cost of goods, we have maintained generous wages and full benefits for all of our employees, sustained tight-profit-margin partnerships with our global distribution partners, and continued to ONLY use the highest-quality natural ingredients on the market.The bottom line is that we have to run a profitable business, which is damn near impossible if we don’t adjust the price of products. Don’t worry. We aren’t getting greedy or filthy rich with this move. We are simply making sure we keep the bills paid so we can continue giving you the best products possible. We are always trying to find ways to leave a smaller ecological footprint, which is precisely why we will also be removing boxes on our products. We know they look rad and provide ever-so-slight protection to our recycled glass containers. However, they are an extra cost and have an additional impact on the environment.We’re doing what we can to keep our products within a reasonable range from their current cost. For anyone that might disagree with that previous sentence, we would be happy for you to show us a comparable brand that offers a better price per ounce of product. And by comparable, we mean they can’t be a greenwashing or unethical poser brand that uses ingredients you can’t pronounce or makes their products in a place you have no idea about. Seriously, give it a try!We are grateful to all of our customers. We know we couldn’t do what we do without your love and loyalty. We will always be transparent and tell you why we make any decisions that impact you. We are all about the planet and the people who dwell on it. That will never change.

Damn the man,Joseph
CEO and Brand Evangelist


*Product price changes will be in effect March 1st 2023*

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Customer X - March 8, 2023

Good thing wage increases have kept up with the “rising cost associated with providing the highest quality and most ethically sourced products” because I…wait no, they haven’t at all. Calling it now…this price increase will lead to the loss of your longtime customer base (which I imagine like me, are mostly on the fence about spending $25 for pomade.) I guess if you feel they are warranted (they aren’t) then do what you have to do. There are other “best” haircare products available these days. At the end of the day, I know most of your customer base will choose what works for their budget against anything else (e.g., sustainability, ethical sourcing, organic products, craft production). Good luck.

Peter - February 18, 2023

Like Andrew states above, I am willing to pay more for the best. However, I have a quick question: Would you consider selling your hair products in larger quantities, say, a 12oz. jar for example? This could help us to keep purchasing your amazing products while mitigating the per/oz. cost a bit. A possible win-win?

Andrew - February 11, 2023

I’m fine with the price increase. I’ll pay more for the best. I’m also glad you ditched the boxes. They just got thrown immediately in the trash. The only thing your great company could do that would annoy me is changing the Multi Purpose Pomade formula. It’s perfect as is!

PAUL - February 10, 2023

any chance that with this increase, stock will be more consistent?

specifically, but not at all exclusively, the shampoo bar

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